Machining and Assembly

From simple to complex features, parts are machined by well- maintained equipment to meet required quality standard

Lathe machines
  • 2 Hydraulic lathe: FUJI, SEKISE
  • 1 Multipurpose lathe: HZ MACHINERY
Tapping machines
  • 9 Tapping centres: BROTHER, AKIRA SEIKI and FANUC
Milling machines
  • 2 Vertical Milling centres: MAZAK and OKUMA
  • 2 milling machines: KASUGA and NIGATA
Drilling machine
  • 10 drilling machines: KIK

Continue developing tailored and innovative solutions to your needs

At AMA, we’re driven to continue developing innovative solution to efficiently and quickly meet your custom precision machined parts at competitive prices. Our in-house CNC machining center are maintained periodically and used by well-trained associates to deliver precision machined parts that are ready for product assembly.

What is CNC machining?

CNC stands for “computer numerical control”. This is a type of of manufacturing process in which computer software controls the movement of the tools used to cut out parts being machined. These automated machine help to increase the accuracy and repeatability of manufacturing specific parts.

Question about CNC Machining at AMA

What type of CNC machine available?

We have different types of machines from lathe, tapping, milling to drilling machines.

Do you provide assembly service?

Yes, your parts are assembled to your need in order to reach your facility ready to install.

AMA Advantage

We have the experience to get your part done right

Our team of highly experienced engineers have been in the business for years to assure your product to be machined at the required level of quality.

We always listen to our customers needs

We aim for long-term business partnership as we’ve been making continuous investment in our infrastructure, equipment, processes, and people to meet your product requirement and quality standard at competitive prices

In-house toolsroom

Jigs and fixtures are designed and manufactured in-house.

Surface Finishes & Plating

Die casting