We are


A privately held Vietnamese manufacturer of precision die-cast, surface finishing, machined and assembled products in various industries
Sustainable Growth

Over the last 2 decades, our decisions were made based on long term success, not short term financial planning. We put “long term customer service” at the heart of our business strategy.


We are driven by our vision to grow as a complete solution provider of automotive components with flexibility to meet various customer needs at competitive prices.


Innovative solutions – Happiness for everyone

Our values

Our behaviors define our success

  • We grow with respect for humanity.
  • We share the untold, listen to both the spoken and unspoken.
  • We promote Collaboration, we work as a team and grow as a team.
  • We demonstrate Integrity and ethics in business practices.
  • We foster a strong culture of Professionalism.
Our vision

Your trusted partner

We are driven by our vision to grow as a complete solution provider of automotive components with flexibility to meet various customer needs at competitive prices.

Having global footprint in our chosen product portfolio.

Our Mission

Be Dynamic - Be sustainable

Be Dynamic:

  • Constantly strives to innovate and develop new solution, techniques and capabilities to deliver value to our customer.
  • Work passionately to create consistent value.

Be Sustainable:

  • Commit to human resource development, health & Safety of our employees.
  • Responsible for society and environment around us.
Message from the Founder

Dear value customers, partners and AMA’s employees

First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for being part of AMA’s journey over the past years.

AMA was founded with the passion of becoming an international enterprise that have a global presence. Over 20 years of development, with the mission of creating sustainable values, we have made remarkable developments in the field of high pressure die casting in particular and the auxiliary industry in general in Vietnam. But I always understand that if it weren’t because of your support and encouragement as well as ceaseless effort of all AMA’s employees, we would not be where we are today, and I deeply appreciate that.

Culture creates “personality” for an enterprise, we always believe in, maintain and promote our business philosophy.

People are business’s most valuable asset, we would like AMA to be more like a “2nd home” to our employees, rather than a workplace. In addition to skills & competencies training, we harmoniously combine the interests of business with the interests of employees to bring happiness, help them work effectively and closely with the Company.

Constantly striving for innovative solutions, we are committed to building a customer-focused Motto. Our professional, research and creative efforts are derived from the motivation: “Satisfying customer expectations”.

In closing, I’d like every management team member and employee of AMA to take this opportunity to reaffirm the importance of our corporate philosophy, “Innovative Solutions — Happiness for everyone”. Along with your continued support, encouragement and understanding, I strongly believe that we will pursue sustainable growth and increase our corporate values.

Le Thi Thanh Hang

Founder of AMA

The Begining
AMA was founded.
Manufacture motorcycle spare parts for Vietnamese market.
1st Business expansion
Focus to serve customers in consumer electronics, appliances and industrial hardware industry.
Became a supplier of MNC customers and started exporting goods to international market.
2nd Business expansion
Buidling new 7,000 square meters workshop.
Continuous investment on machine and equipment for sustainable business expansion.

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